The Squirrels were invited by the National Police Air Service to spend the morning at the Air Support Base in Lippits Hill as part of their Air Activities badge.

To complete Stage 1 of their Air Activities, the Squirrels needed to “find out about a type of aircraft” and “talk to someone who has flown in an aircraft” and what better way to do this than making use off a contact at the National Police Air Service!

After a short minibus journey we arrived at Lippits Hill Air Support Base just outside of Waltham Abbey where in the warmth of the classroom the Squirrels found out about the work of the Police Helicopter and had chance to hear from, and ask question of both a pilot and operator.

After this we headed outside on the helipad for the main event- the Police Helicopter. Everyone got a tour around the helicopter showing us the tools use in real life policing (and during the real life police chase videos we had just watched back in the classroom!) as well as a chance to sit inside the aircraft itself.

After a quick look inside the storage hangar of the air field we headed back indoors (where the warmth was very much appreciated!) for a quick snack and suitably themed colouring break while the pilot prepared the air field for the finale of the visit.

Back outside, this time watching a little further away from the action we were able to watch a second helicopter as it was started, launched took off to complete a routine test flight. This was both incredibly exciting but also exceptionally loud!

A huge thanks to Owen for securing the visit, as well as Bev and the rest of the team at NPAS Lippits Hill on the day for such an exciting day out for the Squirrels!

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