Scouting is a uniformed organisation and all members are expected to be in the correct uniform each weekly meeting and scouting events unless otherwise stated.

All members should take responsibility in looking after their uniform and arrive dressed smartly and presentably including their scarf ironed and rolled neatly as well as having all badges sewn on up to date.

When joining the group or moving section there is no need to purchase uniform for the first couple of weeks while you settle in. Once you have your uniform you can be invested. As a guide this is normal 4 – 6 weeks after joining.

Minimum Requirements:

Squirrel Scout Uniform:

  • Squirrel Sweatshirt in Red
  • Group Scarf and Woggle (Nest Logo)

Beaver Scout Uniform:

  • Beaver Sweatshirt in Turquoise
  • Beaver Polo Shirt in Turquoise
  • Group Scarf and Woggle (Lodge Colour)

Cub Scout Uniform:

  • Cub Sweatshirt in Bottle Green
  • Group Scarf and Woggle (Six Colour)

Scout Uniform:

  • Sea Scout Shirt in Sky Blue
  • Scout Trousers or Shorts in Navy Blue
  • Group Scarf and Woggle (Patrol Logo)

All Members:

  • Outdoor Shoes, Warm/ Waterproof Coat and Head Torch- for various outdoor activities throughout the year
  • Formal Black/ Navy Trousers and Smart Black Shoes- for formal ceremonies, events and parades

Camps, Trips and Activities may require specific clothing or personal equipment. Kit lists will be provided for each such event. 

Group Casual Uniform:

To accompany the formal uniforms we also offer group Polo Shirts and Hoodies that can be worn alongside and instead of uniform on some events, meetings and trips particularly in the summer months where lots of activities take place outdoors.

These can be purchased directly through the group from our online shop.

Uniform Purchase:

Uniforms, along with casual wear, accessories and equipment be purchased from a number of retailers including; Scout Stores Website

The Group supplies the first group scarf, woggle and initial set of badges at the point of investiture. If any replacements are required due to loss or damage, these will be charged for and can be ordered through the group from our online shop