A few weeks ago more than 60 Scouts from both Troops headed en-mass out on the underground for a Scavenger Hunt with an urban twist.

Richard, Section Leader- Scouts (Tuesday), works for Transport for London as a Sustainability Manager so was keen to equip the Scouts with these real world #SkillsForLife and organised the activity which was delivered over two section meetings- theory and practical.

Throughout different locations across the network, groups of Scouts were asked to navigate their way from one station to another. This was a valuable lesson in orientation of the city, rather than the traditional fields and woodlands.

“Many of these children didn’t know how to read the paper maps. Understanding where you are and how to travel to your destinations is a huge part of staying safe on the Underground.”

Each group had to plan their routes using the help form Customer Service Assistants, or using the TfL Go app and printed paper maps.

In preparation, Richard had created mock scenarios to teach the Scouts the importance of etiquette and safety on the Underground. This included teaching the ‘stand on the right’ rule on the escalators, allowing passengers off the train first, as well as always standing behind the yellow line.

Along the role playing, Richard explained the importance behind these actions and how they can help keep everyone safe.

“We hope that these behaviours will help them not just in London, but any city they visit throughout their lives.”

This was a great chance to learn something new, which will leave a lasting impression throughout the Scout’ time living in London. They even got a ‘toot’ from Piccadilly Line Train Operator Saqib Rafiq which made their evening complete.