Joining forces with friends at Christchurch Scout Group we headed to Danemead Campsite for a weekend of back to basics, survival style camping. After a range of training and preparation Cubs headed into the woods for a night in the wild being shelters, lighting fire and cooking food independently.

After a surprisingly good first nights sleep, the cubs embarked on some quick fire training for their night out in the wild- knife skills, wood chopping, food hygiene, shelter building, fire lighting and pioneering.

With lunch having been cooked over open fire, the sixers were briefed and team kits issued for the Cubs to spend a night in the wilderness as teams!

The afternoon saw Cubs furnishing their camps with various types of shelter and some additional camp furniture including sofas and a sea saw. A warm day also meant an emergency ice cream run was very much in order!

During the evening they prepared food, lit fires, cooked dinner and then settled down for a night under the star in their teams. For many Cubs this was their first time sleeping out in the open and it was a fantastic achievement that everyone stuck with it and gave it go- many of the Cubs said they’d do it again as well!