Dear All, 

At the time of writing it has been 494 days since a group of our Scouts returned from completing their Expedition Challenge badge wild camping in the Southdowns. Little did any of us know, that would be the last Scouting adventure that would take place for a very long time to come… 

After a recent series of setbacks, it is a delight to finally be sending round a Group email with some really good news- Camping is back! 

Camping and the activities we get up to, skills learnt and relationships formed whilst on nights away are such an integral part of what we do in Scouting so it’s great that, within certain remaining limitations, we are able to get back into the Great Outdoors.

Therefore, in line with our approach since disruption began last year, we are jumping straight in and planning a series of summer camping weekends to ensure that as many of our members as possible, from all sections, have the chance to camp before the Summer Term comes to an end. 

These weekends will be focused by section and put together as a gentle re-introduction to camping- we know many of you have joined or moved sections since our last camps and for some this will be their first night away with Scouting. 

Dates for the Diary:

Beavers: Saturday 3rd July 2021 – Sunday 4th July 2021

Cubs: Friday 9th July 2021 – Sunday 11th July 2021

Scouts: Friday 15th July 2021 – Sunday 17th July 2021
(N.B- this replaces the previously advertised daytime water activities scheduled for that weekend) 

We have been optimistically putting together lots of drafts and variations of plans in the hope the situation would improve for some weeks now, but received the full technical details at lunchtime today so please bear with me while I firm up a few final details in the paperwork with further details, but we wanted to publish the confirmed dates as soon as was possible. 

OSM Booking invites for all three camps should arrive in your inboxes within the next 24 hours

Given the short turnaround time for planning, we would be even more grateful than usual for a prompt response (even if it’s a “no”!). Some events will have upper attendance limits (due to covid regulations and leader ratios)