For our first Squirrels event of the year we held a “Camp That Isn’t a Camp”. Returning for a second year the event was originally devised in the early days of Squirrels to give our newest section a taste of what is to come on camp once they get to Beavers. Fast forward a year and our Squirrels have now able to camp for themselves having taken part in their first sleepover in the summer term meaning this activity now serves a great warm up for when our nights away programme commences later in the year.

Splitting into “camp patrols” the Squirrels spent the day moving round a series of adventurous activities that would usually form part of an activity camps programme. For many of them this would be their first time getting to try these activities, all of which they will get an opportunity to repeat and build skills in over future years as they move into Beavers and beyond.

After a busy day of activities, there was time to let of steam with some free time and games before everyone came together for dinner cooked over open fire. This was washed down with the camp staples of Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows.