Over a busy September weekend our Cubs headed to Danemead Scout Campsite for our annual Bushcraft weekend which returned by popular demand delayed from the summer.

After meeting and loading up kit at Scout Park, we headed to Danemead to set up camp. With tents up and the van unloaded we had a quick supper of Hot Dogs and hot chocolate and headed to bed ahead of a busy weekend.

Up bright and early and fulled by lashings of French Toast and a small mountain of Bacon the camp started in earnest.

Cubs spent the morning working their way around a number of training sessions revising the key skills they would need for a night out in the woods including fire lighting, shelter building, knife and axe safety, first aid and cooking.

After lunch the real challange beyond with sixes splitting up to build their own base camps for 24 hours around the woods. Each six built a shelter for their team with natural materials, lit and maintain a fire with flint and steel to cook an evening meal on and build a flag pole for their base camp.

Following a hearty stew prepared by the Cubs during the morning sessions and cooked over open fire teams settled down round their fires and prepared for a night under the stars in their shelters.

Sunday morning saw the most important aspect of wild camping- “leave no trace” with everyone working together to dismantle their shelters, responsibly extinguish fire and collect rubbish and equipment.

This is always one of our most exciting camps of the year and a real challange for Cubs so it is a huge credit to everyone who took part for their way they managed everything thrown at them!