Meet The Team

GSL/Group Scout Leader : Dan Sheehan    

Scouts (Tuesday’s) :
SL/Scout Leader : Richard Groves    
ASL/Assistant Scout Leader : Debbie Hyrb 
Sectional Assistant : Christian Haines 
Sectional Assistant : Robert Mead 

Scouts (Thursday’s) :
SL/Scout Leader : Siobhan Nicolas 
ASL/Assistant Scout Leader : Nigel Laurens 
Sectional Assistant : Lucy Griffiths 
Sectional Assistant : Simon Mitchell 
Sectional Assistant : Katherine Davis 

Cubs (Tuesday’s) :
CSL/Cub Scout Leader : Elliot Moore 
ACSL/Assistant Cub Scout Leader : Dan Bridge 
Sectional Assistant : Daniela Jovic 
Sectional Assistant : Philip Forkan 

Cubs (Thursday’s) :
CSL/Cub Scout Leader : Adrian Haysome 
ACSL/Assistant Cub Scout Leader : Vaccant
Sectional Assistant : Neal Hollenbery 

Beavers :
BSL/Beaver Scout Leader : Natalia Scorer 
ABSL/Assistant Beaver Scout Leader : Catherine Haigh 
Sectional Assistants : Freddie Notter 

Group Appointments :
Group Sectional Assistants: Lindsay Hughes
Webmaster: Derek Chambers 

Young Leaders :
Beavers :
Cubs :
Scouts : Reece Shaw  , Murray Groves 

Executive Committee :
Chair : Balbinder Kaur Geddes 
Treasurer : Cristina Palmer Romero 
Secretary : Jack Timbrell 
Group Administrator : Sam Breedon 
Membership Secretary : Jamie Groves 
Group Scout Active Support Co- Ordinator : Nige Barton- White 
QuarterMaster : Paul Barnard 

Beaver Parent Rep : Vacant
Cub Parent Rep : Eva Beresford (Tues); Philip Hogg (Thurs)
Scout Parent Rep : Louise Bailey (Tues); Sian Williams (Thurs)

Permit Holders/ Instructors :
Archery : Daniel Sheehan; Lindsay Hughes
Air Rifles : Daniel Sheehan; Adrian Haysome
Climbing & Abseiling : Richard Groves, Elliot Moore
First Aid : Daniel Sheehan; Richard Groves; Daniela Jovic; Christian Haines, Elliot Moore
Hill Walking : Debbie Hyrb
Nights Away : Daniel Sheehan
Power Boating : Siobhan Nicolas; Daniel Sheehan
Rafting : Daniel Sheehan; Nigel Laurens

All Leaders complete a series of training modules including First Response and Safeguarding certificates.

There is always room for more members on this team. The more people we have the more active a program we can run for the Group. Everyone has skills that can help enhance the group and any amount of time you are able to contribute is appreciated. Please take a look about the opportunities available for Adults in Scouting.