Meet The Team

GSL/Group Scout Leader: Dan Sheehan    

Beavers :
Section Leader- Beaver Scouts: Natalia Scorer
Assistant Section Leader- Beaver Scouts: Catherine Haigh
Section Assistant: Brigita Mammetti
Section Assistant: Sophie Cheng

Cubs (Tuesday’s) :
Section Leader- Cub Scouts: Elliot Moore
Section Assistant: Paul Feldman
Section Assistant: Philip Forkan

Cubs (Thursday’s) :
Section Leader- Cub Scouts: Adrian Haysome
Section Assistant: Neal Hollenbery
Section Assistant: Steven Fullagar
Section Assistant: Lucy Griffiths

Scouts (Tuesday’s) :
Section Leader- Scouts: Richard Groves    
Sectional Assistant: Christian Haines
Sectional Assistant: Peter Lahoud

Scouts (Thursday’s) :
Section Leader- Scouts: Nigel Laurens
Section Assistant: Simon Mitchell
Section Assistant: Katherine Davis

Group Appointments :
Group Section Assistant: Debbie Hyrb
Group Section Assistant: Freddie Notter
Webmaster: Derek Chambers 
Group Supporter: Jack Timbrell

Young Leaders :
Cubs: Ella Jones (Thurs) , Josie Barnard (Thurs)
Scouts:  Murray Groves (Tues) , Mia Laurens (Thurs)

Executive Committee :
Chair: Balbinder Kaur Geddes
Treasurer: David Turnbull
Secretary: Jack Timbrell
Membership Secretary: Jamie Groves
Group Scout Active Support Co- Ordinator: Nige Barton- White
QuarterMaster: Paul Barnard

Beaver Parent Reps: Simon Oliver
Cub Parent Reps:  Maria Allo Fernandez (Tues); Vacant (Thurs)
Scout Parent Reps:  Louise Levene (Tues); Philip Hogg (Thurs)

Permit Holders/ Instructors :
Archery: Dan Sheehan
Air Rifles: Dan Sheehan, Adrian Haysome
Air Pistol: Dan Sheehan, Adrian Haysome
Tomahawk Throwing: Dan Sheehan
Climbing & Abseiling: Richard Groves, Elliot Moore
Hill Walking: Debbie Hyrb
Nights Away: Dan Sheehan
Power Boating:  Dan Sheehan
Rafting: Dan Sheehan, Nigel Laurens
Full First Aid: Christian Haines
Remote Outdoor First Aid: Dan Sheehan, Natalia Scorer, Elliot Moore, Paul Feldman,  Adrian Haysome, Richard Groves, Peter Lahoud, Paul Barnards

All Leaders complete a series of training modules including First Response, Safety, Data Protection and Safeguarding certificates.

There is always room for more members on this team. The more people we have the more active a program we can run for the Group. Everyone has skills that can help enhance the group and any amount of time you are able to contribute is appreciated. Please take a look about the opportunities available for Adults in Scouting.