Each year on an October Saturday more than 400 young people gather in the early hours of the morning to take part in the Chiltern 20 Challange Hike run by Greater London North Scouts. The event sees teams of 3,4 or 5 Scouts complete 12 or 20K checkpoint hikes across an undisclosed route in the chiltern hills.

The work towards this event begins at the start of term with all Scouts embarking on a series of “quick fire” navigation workshops during troop meeting over the 6 week run up, with more formal navigation training taking place in a focused session at Alexandra Palace and then again on a practise day hike in a familiar area of the Chilterns themselves.

This we entered 6 teams across the 3 events- 3 Senior unaccompanied, 1 Senior accompanied and 2 Junior team. This was a record attendance for the Group and we even still had a waiting list of reserves at 5.30am on the day of the event itself! Our teams made up just a small number of the 85 teams starting on the day.

Departing from Scout Park before sunrise and arriving at Tring School before 7am we were quickly through registration, kit check and navigation training before each teams allocated start time rolled round.

Senior teams navigated a route just short of 21k with 10 checkpoints along the way, whereas the Junior route was a little over 13K with 6 checkpoints. Of course some teams did add a little more onto this along the way!!

All our teams successfully made their way around their selected route as complete teams and in respectable times demonstrating determination, teamwork and navigational skills along the way. At the final awards ceremony we were delighted to find teams within the top ten of the leader board in both events.